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Corporate Background


The steady advancement of computer and printer technology has created the opportunity for people to produce color images with unprecedented complexity and depth. Technologically advanced, featured-laden products with improved user interfaces are making experts out of non-professionals in little time. One remaining hurdle in color imaging, however, has remained-streamlining the processing of an image from a computer to a color printer quickly and without additional computer processing. In an ideal world of production color printing, images must flow at an optimum rate with a minimum of user intervention.

To achieve this ideal, color image processing is done via a print controller, which is essentially a microprocessor chip identical to those used in computers. This chip is assembled within a box and integrated with electronics for input and output (I/O), network communication and other features that enhance the microprocessor's performance. When completed with user controls and appropriate cabling, the color print controller receives image data over the network from a computer, then rapidly processes it, adding a wide range of additional commands that enhance the image and the printing process. Once the printer receives the data, it can quickly and expertly print the image. The controller's intelligence allows users to select a number of options to accommodate a wide variety of printing jobs, including size, quantity, inks and media.

Vivid Image Technology was formed to develop color print controllers that integrate the latest technology with the best possible user interface for the ideal mix of high-performance and ease of use that production print environments demand.

About Vivid Image Technology

Vivid Image Technology was formed in 1990 with the name PRIME/Option to develop advanced color print controllers using the latest technology in microprocessors and software. The company immediately began to innovate on traditional controller designs by adding its own breakthrough--the VividTouch LCD screen--for simple and intuitive system set-up, operation, and troubleshooting at the controller. For greater quality control and cost efficiency, the company owns all of the key technologies needed for its product designs. Lastly, Vivid Image strives for maximum connectivity by testing its products to work smoothly with leading IBM-compatible and Macintosh workstations, network environments and printers from companies such as Calcomp, Canon, ENCAD, Gretag, Hewlett-Packard, Ricoh and Roland. As a sign of a strengthened commitment to color imaging, the Vivid Image name was adopted in 1995. At the time, and in order to maintain its strong technology leadership, the company standardized its products around the powerful Alpha RISC microprocessor family from Digital Equipment Corporation, taking advantage of regular advancements in controller speed and power. Ease of use, advanced technology, and standardization around modern processor and software technology continue to characterize Vivid Image products today.

Current Products

Vivid Image's product line currently includes a powerful, easy-to-use scan-to-print controller and a RIP, each with a unique set of features for wide-format printer users; two specialty-printing systems; and, from its TechPool division, a gamut of file-conversion and PDF software utilities.

The Vivid Image WC7500 Scan-to-Print Controller is wide-format scan-to-print made easy! A compact desktop, networkable, digital wide copier with an ergonomically designed touchscreen panel, the WC7500 enables the user to print directly to a wide-format printer. This powerful controller is a revolutionary breakthrough in image enlargement technology. Any user can instantly enlarge or reduce any image to whatever size his or her printer can print out, simply by connecting the WC7500 unit to a scanner and making a few choices on the intuitive touchscreen display. There is no need for a keyboard or a mouse, or a computer!

The WC7500 Scan-to-Print Controller, with a 366 MHz processor or higher, a 6.4 GB hard disk drive or larger, and 64 MB RAM, upgradeable to 128 MB, provides high quality, high-resolution scan-to-print capability for desktop and wide-format scanners. The unit includes such features as automatic size detection, image scaling and rotation, cropping, automatic customized color correction, International Color Consortium (ICC) compatibility, step and repeat, and tiling. The WC7500 is fully upgradeable to include additional features and functionality.

Vivid Image Color and Scan-to-Print Controllers are used in publishing environments, such as printers and sign shops, where many high-quality color prints are processed in a production environment. Because profitability is dependent upon processing print jobs at high speed with a minimum of down time, users demand high-performance print controllers that are as user-friendly and versatile as personal computers. Vivid Image products have met these expectations, and Vivid Image will continue to exceed them with next-generation products.

Specialty Printing

New additions to Vivid Image Technology's product line include DuraInk™, a pigmented thermal transfer ink for fabrics, the PhotoCake® System, and the PhotoPro™ Novelty System that are used to print, respectively, on cake toppings and on a variety of novelty items. DuraInk™ has been developed for use with Epson Stylus 3000 printers and is a durable, light-fast inkjet ink for printing on a wide variety of fabrics, including pure cotton, polyester, and cotton-polyester blends, as well as canvas and fabric-coated items such as mouse pads, and other natural and synthetic fabrics. This new ink delivers eye-pleasing, rich-color images that are similar in appearance to those created by conventional dye-based inks. Unlike dye-based inks, however, DuraInk™ offers the same high level of light-fastness and launderability as conventional pigmented screen inks without the heavy hand, or feel to the touch, traditionally associated with screenprinting. DuraInk™ is also a cost-effective alternative to other ink-transfer technologies currently available.

Like all of the products based on Vivid Image's scan-to-print technology, the PhotoCake® System is an easy-to-use system that requires no computer knowledge and makes cake decorating easy, fast and affordable. The system uses bright, edible inks to print on such cake-topping media as Lucks Edible Image® Print-Ons™ and PhotoCake Fondant. Because of its flexibility, speed, ease of use, output image quality and profitability, the PhotoCake System is being used extensively in bakeries and supermarkets, both in North America and overseas.

The PhotoPro™ Novelty System is a technologically advanced system for transferring images onto a variety of common products for every day use. The PhotoPro Novelty System is based on the company's well-known scan-to-print technology and uses the latest sublimation-ink transfer processes to transfer scanned images onto such products as ceramic tiles and mugs, key chains, luggage tags, mouse pads, table-glass coasters, license plates, plaques, placemats, carton puzzle pieces, clocks, T-shirts, Christmas ornaments, and other. Vivid Image Technology's PhotoPro Novelty System incorporates many features that make it easy and appealing for anyone who wants to have his or her favorite images on an object of his or her choice to do so in minutes. It can also serve as an extra source of revenue and customer satisfaction for photo labs, quick print and repro shops, incentive-merchandise retailers, sign printers, novelty-item merchandisers, and fund-raising organizations, that will now be able to offer this service while the customer waits. Important features include an intuitive touchscreen with icons of the products to be imprinted; auto-image (original) detection; auto color calibration; auto sizing; and an array of licensed art, which the customer can use to enhance his or her original image.

The Vivid Image Technology's PhotoPro Novelty System makes it extremely easy even for novice users to transfer images onto an item with superb and remarkably consistent color. The system uses its built-in intelligence technology to automatically size and color-calibrate the print for every product, thus taking out the guesswork and yielding the best quality novelties on the market. And, with its fast processor, it does so in a snap. Customers will no longer have to wait for days or weeks to receive their novelties, because they, or their preferred supplier, can now print them on demand.

TechPool Software-Vivid Image Technology's Transverter products have proven themselves to be indispensable to graphics professionals working in the prepress, print and related graphics industries. Our PostScript RIPs, file conversion tools, and graphics utilities allow users to handle troublesome files with ease.

Distribution Channels

The company sells its products through an international network of distributors and dealers who specialize in printing, color imaging and publishing. These resellers recommend solutions, often by expertly integrating Vivid Image's products with others for the optimum fit to individual user needs. This same network offers service and support of Vivid Image Technology products as well as consulting with customers to ensure system and printer compatibility and provide upgrades when needed. Vivid Image Technology products are also sold to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) throughout the world.


At the company's world headquarters in Carlsbad, California, key management consists of individuals whose experience in the industry and technology contributes to daily operations and strategic future direction of the company. The management team includes:

Chip Feiss III, President and CEO
Andy Schnoebelen, Senior VP, Engineering


Vivid Image world headquarters occupy a modern 10,000 square-foot facility in Carlsbad, California, where all product design, engineering and assembly takes place. The company's objective is to maintain product development and innovation around its own technologies, building upon its own hardware platform. With this approach, Vivid Image can directly influence and control the design and quality of its products, ensuring reliability for a highly critical element of its customers' digital printing process.

A Look Ahead:

Vivid Image Technology is committed to expanding its product offering to keep pace with advancements in microprocessor, interface, network, storage and software technologies. In addition, the company will continue to expand the range of printers, scanners, systems and networks with which its print controllers will work, ensuring the delivery of high-performance solutions to virtually any printing environment. Vivid Image will also maintain its long tradition of partnership with leading vendors, especially software and printer developers, to ensure maximum performance and compatibility between Vivid Image products and those of these key system suppliers.

Contact Information

For additional company and product information, please contact: Sales.

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